Equine Podiatry is a whole horse approach to hoof care. There are a number of different factors that have an effect on horses hooves and hoof quality. It is especially important to address all these influencing factors in a barefoot horse, to give the hoof the best chance of being optimally functional.

As an Equine Podiatrist I provide a full assessment of the horse, his nutrition and his environment as well as providing a balanced trim. I document all findings so that changes can be assessed over time. I am not anti-shoe! There are circumstances where shoes are best for the foot and there are circumstances when barefoot is best. Shoes can very effectively mask problems. If your horse isn't sound without shoes, then there may very well be underlying issues that need to be taken care of.

Equine podiatry can help in maintaining an already healthy foot but it can also help in managing hoof pathologies such as navicular, laminitis, wall cracks, ring bone, side bone and under run heels. A podiatry approach can also help in the management of cases of insulin resistance and PPID / Cushings.